Bracco Farms came into being in 2009, born out of a passion for fresh vegetables and fruit. The mission of our family farm is to provide the public, restaurants and food markets with the best possible small-batch  naturally grown fresh produce.
  Our family farm is located in the heart of Orange County, NY’s “Black Dirt Region”, a remnant of the Ice Age in which thick deposits of nutrient rich topsoil (from 30% to 90% organic matter) were left behind by retreating glaciers. The soil and climate work together to yield some of the best and most nutritious produce in the nation.
  Participate in a transparent food system, by knowing who grows your food and where it comes from.
Small-batch producers infuse their product with a level of attention and passion that is impossible for large-scale factory farms to reproduce. 

  We also work closely with Cornell University’s Ag Extension Service relying on their advice and expertise to ensure we can bring the best possible produce to market.
We are committed to providing the customer with the highest quality produce
and herbs grown in a complete natural and sustainable environment. We use only organic and heirloom seeds from reliable sources. We DO NOT use any GMO seeds!
We DO NOT use any commercial pesticides or herbicides.

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“Agriculture cannot be an industrial process any more than music can”.
                                                                          –Elliot Coleman